The Home Buying Process

Home ownership is a step by step process. If you're thinking about buying, here are the important steps to owning your home.

Months before the search, check your finances. Do you know your credit score? Are there areas on our credit to clean up?

Find your local real estate agent. Being a local agent means I am very familiar with the neighborhoods, schools, and important things that a buyer would want to know about the area they are moving into. There are a lot of documents involved in real estate. It's good to have an agent help you review all contracts before signing.

Find a residential home lender and get Pre-approved. A pre- approval will let you know how much home you qualify to buy.

Start the home search.

Make an offer on the home.

Have your offer accepted by the Seller

Get a home inspection

The home lender will order an appraisal of the home to verify the home value

Closing Day. You sign even more papers.

Congratulations! You're a home owner.

I'd love to help you in your home buying process. Please call me when you're ready to buy.

678 684-8081

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