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Sell Your Home Fast

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Selling your home in this current market has advantages for sellers, one being the rise of home prices. But even with a great sellers market, there are still some things that sellers can do to make sure the home sales fast and at its best price. Here are 10 tips to help sell your home faster.

1. Hire a great realtor. With expert negotiating skills, network of buyers and knowledge of your market, data has always shown that realtors sell homes faster and at the best possible price for owners.

2. Set the right price. This is one the most important item to sell a home. If the price is too high, the home will not sell timely, and the market may force a correction anyway as buyers will offer what they think the value of the home should be. I always do an in depth analysis of market trends and com-parables to make sure the price is just right for a timely sell for my clients.

3. Clean and declutter. This is the least expensive thing to do and can provide the greatest return on time and money spent.

4. Take great photos. Over 90% of home searches start on the internet and pictures are a major influence for buyers to want to see your home.

5. Don't make the home too personal. Buyers want to see themselves living in the home, so personal items should be reduced as much as possible.

6. Open all windows and turn on lights during home showings. It provides warmth and gives sense of space.

7. Make your home readily available for buyers to see. The more buyers that can see your home, the greater your chance of a good offer and quick sale.

8. Spread the word. Tell your friends, neighbors, co-workers and everyone you know. You never know who may be thinking of buying or who may know someone that's thinking of buying.

9. Repaint in neutral colors. Again, the less personal the better. And fresh paint always makes the interior much newer looking and attractive.

10. Curb Appeal, and yard work. Landscaping makes a huge difference, especially the front yard. Remember, first impressions is everything!

I hope these tips help you sell your home faster. Please call or email me for more expert advise!

by: Stella Whitaker, Realtor

Email: stellawhitaker@kw.com

Cell: 678 684-8081

Web: www.stellawhitaker.com