2020 Home Buyers Checklist

If you’re thinking of buying a home,planning ahead and staying on the right track is key, starting with Pre-Approval. Being proactive about the home buying process will help set you up for success in each step. Here are the key steps.

1) Get Pre-Approved. Pre-Approval is always the step first. You need to know how much house you can buy, and a great loan officer can offer tips to improve your credit if needed. I work with great loan officers who are great with guiding you every step of the way for your loan approval. Let me know and I would be happy to get you connected.

2) Research all mortgage options. Most buyers don't know that there are many mortgage options to choose from and your loan officer will help with this.

3) Save, save, save...start saving for your down payment. A good down payment can help you get the house you really want. Also, there will be other needs for cash when purchasing your home, such as for closing costs, and home inspections. So begin saving early and it will make all the difference.

4) Research the area you are interested in moving into. It's never too early to meet with your sales agent (that would be me), to discuss potential areas you want to move to. I like to send market information to potential buyers to give them an idea of the real estate prices, schools and other pertinent information about where they'd like to live.


Certain documents are absolutely necessary, so plan on having these ready for your loan officer:

W2's from past year

Most current pay stubs

All proof of income, including supplemental incomes

Tax documents from past 2 years

Current Bank Statements

Investment account statements

Statements for all debts

Drivers license

History of residence for past 2 years

As always, I hope these tips will be helpful in your search for your home!

And I look forward to helping achieve your home buying goals.

Inbox me at or call 678 684-8081

for more information about home ownership.

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